AKC Dobermans

Protect your puppy! We implant the microchip ID system as an option. Have your new puppy micro chipped for onaly 39.95 so if he/she is ever lost or stolen, Your pet can be easily linked to you. To learn more about the MICROCHIP I.D. SYSTEM click here. If you want the microchip implant on your new puppy. please let me know.


We Accept the following:

Western Union, Money Grams, Checks, Money orders and the following credit cards.

If paying with pay pal. Please note that they charge 4% for there service.

All Puppies are registered with the AKC
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100% Euro Dobermans
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Royals Blood line (Pedigree) consists of  Really Heavy champions.
feel free to view his Dads Side pedigree
There really are way too many famous and Champion dogs in this line. Theres just way too many to list. But here are just a couple. Feel free to do your own research on these dogs. Your getting simply the best lines out there that money can buy. Full of Kimbertal and Altobelo lines
There are over 120 Champions in 
Royals and Dreams breeding!!
Just within a 4 generation Pedigree. Click here see for yourself....Royals_Pedigree.html