AKC Dobermans

Protect your puppy! We implant the microchip ID system as an option. Have your new puppy micro chipped for onaly 39.95 so if he/she is ever lost or stolen, Your pet can be easily linked to you. To learn more about the MICROCHIP I.D. SYSTEM click here. If you want the microchip implant on your new puppy. please let me know.


We Accept the following:

Western Union, Money Grams, Checks, Money orders and the following credit cards.

If paying with pay pal. Please note that they charge 4% for there service.

Puppies are here!
Make a $300 dollar deposit
to hold your puppy. Under 
the puppies picture.
All Puppies are registered with the AKC
Just click on 
your breed

1 )  Pay for the puppy in full. or

2 )Make a deposit to hold your puppy. Make

Payments till paid off. Then You get your puppy. or

3 )NEW!! NowYou can take your puppy home before paying for it. With the all new bill me later with Paypal . Make monthly payments at 0% interest if paid off before the 6 months . Just click on the bill me now option when checking out.

AKC Dober (Left)  & AKC Lil Souja (right)

The dogs pictured above are the parents of the puppies due Aug 19th

The puppies below are from there last litter.

There puppies are always beautiful.