Protect your puppy! We implant the microchip ID system as an option. Have your new puppy micro chipped for onaly 39.95 so if he/she is ever lost or stolen, Your pet can be easily linked to you. To learn more about the MICROCHIP I.D. SYSTEM click here. If you want the microchip implant on your new puppy. please let me know.


We Accept the following:

Western Union, Money Grams, Checks, Money orders and the following credit cards.

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If paying with pay pal. Please note that they charge 4% for there service.

beautifull family

We are a family of four, my wife Ana, my son Isaiah, my son Robert and I. We all where born and raised in California, I decided to become a breeder for the love I've had for animals since I was a child. I've had a variety of pets throughout my life, rabbits, chickens, roosters, hamster, turtles, lizards, birds - you name it! But there's always been a greater fondness for my dogs.

I enjoy breeding for many reasons. French Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds I also particularly love other breeds such as the Doberman Pinchers. For their Attentive and watchful intelligence and alertness. But are also lovely with family and children. The Personality of a English bull terrier is the most amusing and funniest I think. they can act like clowns. You just gotta love them. We also raise Chihuahuas, they think they are big dogs. In Reality they are little dogs just trying to make a name for them selfs. In reality they don't have to. They already are one of the most Common breeds around.

     My Cartoon Pets are well behaved and house trained. They truly are part of our family! I enjoy training them and spending time with them. We raise them we groom them, and vaccinate them ourselves.

on my home page there is a copy of my inspection certificate that was given to me as a reward of my facility cleanliness and over all compliance with the American Kennel Club. I post it here for two reasons. So new home owners out there looking to find a puppy that is concerned about what type of home they come from. Also to assure that the puppies purchased here with us did not come from a puppy mill. The second reason I have the Certificate up is that I wanted to share my achievement with every body else. Since only 20% percent of AKC registered breeders get this Golden Certificate (according to the AKC).The only way to get this certificate is if you score a 100% on a Inspection. As I did. If you would like to make sure my facility is in proper standard and can't visit my facility in person. Due to not being in the area or to far. Please feel free to call the AKC and ask about my status

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About us
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     Isaiah  Robert  Ana  R.J.

Robert   Isaiah      Ana   R.J.

Double Yellow headed Amazon (Baby)

African Grey Amazon (Eric)

Blue and Gold Macaw (Ruby)

Me and our horse (Cowboy)

Our Pets

Our Indoor Kennel

Our Kennel is indoor and has Heating and Cooling. With double insulated Walls. So  our dogs always stay fresh in the summers. and warm in the winters. They are on cement and are always kept clean.

   Our Cartoon Pets also have a Yard  They get to come out 3 times a day. To absorb sun daily, exercise, and to run and play with each other. All of  our dogs have microchip implants.  This facility obtains a Kennel License.

We have a separate facility that is just for our Nursing moms and puppies. They have full tiled walls and floors,There own washer, There sink and refrigerator. they too have heating and cooling. Pictures of the nursery room coming soon.

western family

About us and our Dog Kennel