Along with the purchase of your new puppy with us. You will get the following

: Your choice of Puppy


And for our shipped puppies

Included with Purchase
       & puppy Diet

: A brand new crate

: A complete puppy heath inspection from a licensed veterinarian along with a issued Health certificate for your new puppy

Protect your puppy! We implant the microchip ID system as an option. Have your new puppy micro chipped for onaly 39.95 so if he/she is ever lost or stolen, Your pet can be easily linked to you. To learn more about the MICROCHIP I.D. SYSTEM click here. If you want the microchip implant on your new puppy. please let me know.


We Accept the following:

Western Union, Money Grams, Checks, Money orders and the following credit cards.

If paying with pay pal. Please note that they charge 4% for there service.

In the 15 years that I have been raising dogs. We have changed brands of food and there diets a countless amount of times. The dog food industry was marketing 100% grain free dog food. They dog food industry did very well with that. After the smoke settled so to speak and using both grain free and dog food that contains grain. I can say. I have found that my all Puppies like some grain in there diet and are less flatulence, and grow big and healthy.

At weaning stage we add to there diet Organic Yogurt with live active cultures for good bacteria and as a source of calcium, Peanut butter. The nuts are ran trough a machine that extracts the oils out of the nuts. We also  raise chickens that produce organic home raised eggs. Organic eggs are also added to there diet. We also feed them cooked chicken. I know it may seem like a little too much. But as always everybody is welcome to my facility to visit us and verify all that we do here.

All puppies Diet at      weaning stage


100% chicken

Peanut butter

organic home raised eggs

contains corn & grain

no corn or grain.

Just meats like in the wild, fruits and veggies.

Puppy Diet and Food

Our new puppy owners will receive a Puppy Bandana, Puppy Diaper bag (tote), Lead (Collar and Leash) Puppy toy, and a framed baby picture. along with a small bag of puppy food and a puppy kit folder. As a free gift! Additional pictures of the puppies as they grow are available for an additional fee